GRAD welcomes educational collaborations

Through our international programme, we aim to share our specialist knowledge in ways that capture the imagination, inspire creativity and spark new ideas. Our visitors and participants have included secondary schools, undergraduate students and adult learners from as far afield as Moscow, Boston or Ghent. Our programme can support a wide-range of disciplines and we have welcomed students of art history, graphic design, sculpture, film, media and many other related fields. If you would like to discuss educational collaborations, please contact our Learning team:

Educational visits to GRAD Gallery are free.

Please note we have a range of digital resources to support your teaching around our programme.



GRAD’s innovative learning programme brings new insights into Russian art, design and culture in ways that capture the imagination, inspire creativity and spark new ideas. We aim to make our gallery and its exhibitions accessible to all. In addition, our online resources offer support for your teaching around our exhibitions.

To ensure your visit to GRAD is successful please observe the following guidelines:


“On behalf of myself and all my students I want to say a massive thank you for making Friday’s visit to GRAD such an engaging, informative and enjoyable experience. Your talk was very enlightening and several of my students have already told me how much they enjoyed it. So thank you again so much for your time and efforts – which are hugely appreciated. I know my students have benefitted greatly from this. I hope we may be able to visit GRAD again at some point in the not too distant future.”

Senior Lecturer, Bristol University

“We were all impressed and very much enjoyed your exhibition, which was especially pertinent as [the students] had just been researching Russian Constructivism and had put together their own proposals for an exhibition.
Your comments and insights about your experiences working as a curator at GRAD, and in particular the issues involved working with institutions outside the UK and focusing on Russia, were particularly interesting to everyone. They really value such practical information. There were also quite a few comments made by the curators about your attention to detail in the displays and in the appeal of the overall exhibition design. You have held some fascinating exhibitions so far […] and it will be interesting to see how you transform the gallery space with your next exhibitions.
Thank you again for talking to us and we look forward to visiting you again”

Visiting tutor, MA Curating Contemporary Design, Kingston University

“The final session at GRAD was just brilliant. Knowing the students who came, I think you reached some who really needed that experience, and they certainly got a great deal from it.”

Team Leader of Visual Arts, City and Islington College